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The time span within which the discrepancies in fixed income securities are adjusted. B2B stands for business to business and is the terms used to describe two businesses trade with each other. Such large business cycles or 'super cycles' can last for 50 to 60 years. In finance, it can signify a strategy of keeping a high inventory level in an attempt to safeguard against the loss of order. Accounts payable: This standard accounting term used across all businesses refers to the liabilities or the bills to be paid as part of the normal course of business. This is an international organization that handles or deals with the rules for the trades between different nations. This demonstrates the net performance of a fund through a fluctuating up and down market. This futures contract allows the holder to confer his or her rights on another third party. Liquidation rights: The rights that the stockholders and security owners of a liquidated firm hold in the event of a liquidation.

China Rapid Finance CEO Dr. Zane Wang unveils the company How to leverage such data for credit decisions is a huge challenge. CRF has applied its unique technology to solve the problem. The company uses Big Data algorithms to analyze the unstructured data it acquires through its multichannel strategy. CRFs predictive selection technology and automated decisioning technology are able to identify a pre-selected list of qualified consumers. China Rapid Finance had provided more than 4.7 million loans to Chinese consumers from inception to the end of 2015, making it the industry leader as measured by the total number of loans. With a Big Data lab in Silicon Valley, China Rapid Finance refines and develops its core technologies such as predictive selection and automated decisioning, which are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

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It is not considered as part payment or purchase. The interest rate on the loan is, ordinarily, fixed during the term of the note. Evaluation period: The specific time period in which the performance of a financial or investment analyst is measured against some set standards. Hedge means to invest in a low risk investment option so that the risk of adverse price movement for a high risk asset is reduced. Underlying: Underlying is anything that two or more parties, entering a derivative contract, agree to exchange. Plan sponsors: Plan sponsors of a company are in charge of the company's retirement and pension plans. Abstract: The notes or a concise summary of the transactions affecting the property. It is the certificate issued in the US market by the branches of foreign banks. These certificates usually have a face value of BSD 100,000.