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Margin call - when the value of a property or asset falls below a certain LVR. This is usually done on-line, through a crowd funding website. Return on investment RMI - a calculation that works out how efficient a business is at generating profit from the original equity provided by the owners/shareholders.  Debt finance - money provided by an external lender, such as a bank or building society. If done daily, the data entry function will take very little time and will allow you or your designed to handle other duties within your business. Plan for Times of Feast and Famine Clients come and go, projects ramp up and shut down. Customers are more likely to take advantage of special deals or big purchases if they don't have to pay for it all up front. Hire an Accountant that Specializes in Small Business optional Not everyone needs to hire an accountant, but you may find that your personal and business tax situation dictates the need for professional help. Bookkeeping, which is integral to accounting, is the process of recording the data used in accounting. Creditor - a person or business that allows you to purchase a good or service with an agreement to pay at a later date.

The donor is asked to fill out their name, home address, email address and phone number for a tax donation receipt.The group then returns the next day or so to take the bag. The card says the donations benefit Operation Love Ministries, based in Anderson.The executive director saysthey have been involved with Clothing for a Cause for almost two years and receive funds from the sale of the donated items. Operation Love Ministries says they are pleased with their partnership, but the Better Business Bureau Serving Central Indiana has questions about the business practices of Clothing for a Cause and the other groups it partners with. At this time, BBB is attempting to develop a local report for Operation Love Ministries. According to the website, the charity has residential pickup charities in the Atlanta, GA area under the names of Nspire and Hope House. According to a BBB Charity Report on Nspire Outreach, also known as Hope for Domestic Violence and Hope House, the charity does not meet four of the standards for charity accountability.

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Companies regularly take on debt or trade equity for capital, usually to help them grow or expand, but this has to be kept in check and balanced by a sensible cash flow. Security - also known as Collateral is property or assets that a lender can take possession of, in the event that a loan cannot be repaid. Having this knowledge will help you make better decisions for your business. 6. This decision should never be entirely subjective. 4. Already an entrepreneur? If you have to get a loan for your business, use it only for business expenses. guarantor a person who promises to pay a loan in the event the borrower cannot meet the repayments. Without this knowledge, marketing money will inevitably be wasted. Gross income - the total money earned by a business before expenses are deducted. The company currently has over 50,000 independent marketing associates and is one of the fastest growing...